• Well Drilling Technology


    Developing a simple, market-based, affordable, repairable technology for well drilling and pumping, manufactured using local resources.

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  • Low Cost Digital Microscopy


    Capturing the images needed for automated screening of diseases like TB and Schistosomiasis requires a robust, low cost digital microscope.

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  • Passive Infant Warmer


    A thermal protection system for pediatric patients that functions independently of the electric grid, and is able to be locally manufactured and maintained.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

TEAM Malawi is a multidisciplinary, all-inclusive collaboration, based upon a community wellness model of health, designed to meet the challenges of a developing nation through an approach of community based participatory research/design/pedagogy.

Our History

Our History

For years now, people in the Virginia Tech community have been working on community-level development projects in Malawi, many times having no idea their neighbors were working in the same country on other initiatives. In 2015, TEAM Malawi was formally created to integrate the activities of this disparate group of researchers, students, and community members into a cohesive, collaborative program.

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  • Testimonials

    “As a female in engineering, I learned that I have to be authentic about what I’m passionate about,” Taylor said. “It’s important to know yourself, know what you’re excited about, and really chase after that. If we’re not authentic, we’re doing a disservice not only to ourselves, but also the world in which we live.”

    Virginia Tech mechanical engineering graduate student Ashley Taylor

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